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Malaga beckons the young at heart! While Spanish night life starts late, around midnight, it is very lively and infectious, taking you into the wee hours of the morning.
Whether you go dancing, drinking or looking for a good time, you can be assured that each time will always be a brand new experience.
Places to visit: Calle Larios in Malaga a pedestrian street where you can stroll in and out of its many shops and where will see the people of Malaga move about their daily life and its a wonderful place for an evening drink/meal with many bars and restaurantes along its street.
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Vista Andalucía
Is located in Malaga on Avda de los Guindos and is an all Night flamenco bar open from 22.30 to 06.00. This famous flamenco venues in Malaga is very popular and has some of the best performers around Andalucia. For the real tast of Spain this is one of the best places for this type atmosphere.
El Cantor de Jazz
Every Thursday is Live jazz night with a Chicago style atmosphere and theme. Located in Malaga on Calle Lazcano, 7. It has a fantastic line up of preformers and many different acts also being one of the only jazz bars in the city to offer this.
O’Neill´s Irish Pub
The young Malagaueños have really take to tis trendy place with Guinness on tap and Irish music. Located on calle Luis del Velazquez, 3. Lovers of the black stuff can feel at home in this traditional Iris decor which makes you fell like your in a typical pub in Dublin. Located close to all other bars and restaurants in the center of Malaga.

Theme Parks and attractions

The Aqualand Water Park in Torremolinos has one of the highest Kamikaze water slides and the first in Spain. Also has a mini golf course, a fast food restaurant. Open from June till mid September.

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malaga football Malaga Entertainment Malaga Football

Watch Malaga Football Club, more commonly known as Malaga FC battle it out at the Rosaleda Stadium. Get some La Liga action during your vacation in the Costa del Sol with us at Dragon Cars.

Turkish Baths

The center of Malaga houses the popular Turkish Baths, a must have for a stag weekend! The five processes of a Turkish bath include (a) seasoning of the body with heat (b) a massage (c) exfoliating the skin (d) soaping and (e) relaxation. The marble platform known as a Gobek Tasi, is where you spend some time relaxing.

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malaga deep sea fishing Malaga Entertainment Deep Sea Fishing and Dolphin Spotting

Rent out your fully equipped private boat for deep sea fishing on the Mediterranean sea, sipping your beer while you wait for the fish to bite your bait on the reel. No worries if you haven’t fished before, the skipper on board will be more than glad to assist you.Fish out tunas, swordfishes or even sharks! Boats equipped with sonar, radar, lounge, toilet with capacity of upto 9 people.


Either walk, float, scramble, climb or swim down creeks or streams within Canyons in Malaga, home to natural gorges, slides, waterfalls and pools.Choose from locations with varying levels of difficulty.

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malaga quad biking Malaga Entertainment Quad Biking

The Quad bikes can take you around at 80kmph with 500cc. Safety first, therefore the helmets, pads and goggles must be worn at all times.