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Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport

Aeropuerto de Malaga-Costa Del Sol

The Malaga International Airport is a grand gateway to the Costa del Sol. An ultra modern airport, it handles about 12 million passengers per year and is the busiest airport in Spain. With its top notch services and systems, it is easily one of the best airports in Spain and a major airport of Europe. The airport is connected to more than 60 worldwide destinations and all the major international airlines serve the airport.

Malaga airport is linked with the rest of the towns on the Costa del Sol via the E-15 and the N-340 motorways.

London-Gatwick is the destination with the greatest number of passengers, followed by Manchester, London-Luton, Dublin, Brussels and Amsterdam. In 2012, it handled 12,582,191 passengers, 102,153 flight operations and 2,711 tonnes of cargo.

All flights depart from Terminal 3

Malaga Airport Address

Apdo. Correos 371 y 375

29004 Malaga

Telephone: (+34) 902 404 704

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The airport is 8 kilometers west from the city of Malaga. The airport complex is huge, consisting of 9 different rest points, pharmacy, bars, restaurants, postal facilities, internet facilities, ATMs and even a children’s play area. If you need to hold an urgent business meeting, there are fully equipped VIP rooms for the purpose at the airport. The services at the airport have been carefully planned keeping in mind every detail for the convenience, entertainment, and safety of the visitors. If you find some time to spare, visit the airport’s exhibition hall. The works of the local artists are on display here, and they are changed every month. Also, there is an airport museum in the General Aviation terminal, a 10 minutes walk away from the main building. Currently, the two terminals of the airport are:  The Pablo Ruiz Picasso terminal (terminal A) of the airport was designed by Ricardo Bofill. There are two floors accessible from the street. The lower floor handles arrivals and the upper floor to departures. An additional upper floor houses a shopping area. The terminal contains 65 check-in desks, 24 boarding gates, 14 walkways and 8 baggage pick-up belts.
The Cargo Terminal is located north of the main airport. It has four cold storage rooms, an area for hazardous materials, facilities for live animals and vaults for valuables. The unit has 16 docking bays for unloading vehicles.


Tourist inflow to the region keeps on increasing with each year, and the airport has to keep up with both the changing times and the increasing demands of its global visitors. Focusing on the need of expansion for the airport, the government has launched the “Plan Malaga” project. Aena, the Airport Authority for civil aviation in Spain, provides facilities of general interest and the facilities and networks of air navigation assistance; the development of airports, customer care are also under their care Under the supervision of Aena, the airport will receive a major facelift. Under this ambitious scheme, the airport will undergo infrastructural renovation. The highlights of it are- a third terminal building and a second runway. These will double the airport’s existing capacity. Further there are plans to renovate the T1 & T2, more car parks and increased accessibility options.

malagaairport Malaga Airport

From the Airport: The airport is well connected to the region through bus, taxi and rail network:


Taxis are available immediately outside the airport. There is a possibility that you might be overcharged, so decide on the price before you hire a taxi. Taxis are not always metered but the charges are reasonable .The drivers usually carry a booklet of rates authorized by the town hall. In case of extra baggage, night service, decide on the charges before hiring the taxi to avoid being overcharged. Official rates are displayed at airports and inside any licensed taxi.

There are two tariff bands for charges.

Band 1: Weekdays: between the hours of 06:00 and 22:00.
(Calculate fare at approx 0.9 euros per Km)

Band 2: Between 22:00 – 06:00 .Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 24 hours.
(Calculate fare at approx 1.01 euro per Km)


The bus stop is located outside the arrivals hall. Frequent bus service will take you to Malaga city. There is also a bus from the airport every half hour to take you to Malaga bus and train station. At the airport, the ticket payment is done to the driver.


The train station is outside the airport building. The train station is outside the international terminal. To get to the train station, you will have to take the lift in the arrivals hall up to the Departures hall, and then go outside onto the upper level parking area, and turn right. The signs over the footbridge will guide you to the train station. There is an automated ticket machine at the airport station, and it’s advisable to have Euro coins as notes might be rejected. Occasionally the machine will only accept the exact fare. There is an excellent train service linking Malaga Airport to Malaga city to the East and Fuengirola to the West.


Car Hire
Car hire is available right from the Airport as there is a large presence of local and international car rental companies. Increasing number of tourists hire a car to travel around the Costa del Sol. It’s the only best way to get around as the comfort & freedom will allow you to make the most of your time & money. The summer months see a lot of tourist traffic on the roads, but the roads are good and traffic rules are rigorously implemented. When two or more people are traveling together, sharing the expenses of petrol, parking and paying tolls and insurance makes the trip more affordable. And for a family trip renting a medium-sized car or a recreational vehicle can be less expensive and more flexible than traveling by rail, air or bus. Most car rental rates include insurance, 24 hour road assistance, immediate delivery and unlimited mileage.

In Europe, people above 21 years can hire a car. You need to have an International Driving Permit, or a valid ID if a member of the EU. The car rental agreement, insurance documents, and car documents are should be in the car at all times. Blood alcohol content above 25mg/100ml will be fined. The use of mobile phones is prohibited and speed limits should be carefully followed. To run your car on the motorways, you will have to pay a toll.

Parking is prohibited in all areas where the curb is painted yellow. Parking is metered in some areas. In other areas, spaces are marked in blue. A ticket needs to be purchased to park in these spaces. In some places, there is a machine for purchasing tickets. In other areas, an attendant is present to sell the tickets. Most of these areas have a two hour limit. The car may be towed if it exceeds the time limit or is parked in a restricted area. A sticker is left on the curb telling where the car has been taken.


For more information and directions, you can contact the tourist office at the airport:

Airport Tourist Office (Government of Andalucia)
T2 Arrivals
Telephone: 902 404 704/91 321 10 00
Fax: 952 048 535
E-mail: otaemalaga@andalucia.org