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We just ask you

to replace the fuel used

What we quote is

what you pay

We guarantee there are

NO HIDDEN extras

We do not

charge for fuel

We meet you at the

airport with your car

No queuing or getting on a bus

Return to terminal car park

We meet you at the

airport on your return

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "Excess"?

If your vehicle interior or exterior gets damaged, involved in an accident or even stolen, the ‘Excess’ is the amount of money that you have to pay to cover the cost of the repair to your own vehicle.  For example: if you have an excess of 1000 €, you damage the vehicle and the cost of repair is 2000 € - you pay 1000 euros towards the cost of the repair.


At Dragon Car Hire we offer low hire prices with an excess and an optional excess waiver.


Cars with 5 seats have an excess of 1500 €.  You can waiver the excess at 70 € for up to 7 days, or 100 € for up to 14 days, more than 15 days must take out online insurance.

More than 5 seats have an excess of 2000 €.  You can waiver the excess for 150 € for up to 7 days or 200 € for up to 14 days, more than 15 days must take out online insurance.


Does the insurance cover tyres, glass and undercarriage?

Yes - although the standard insurance excess is 1500 / 2000 €  


Can I pay extra to waive the excess?

Yes - for 70 € a week for a car, or 150 euros for a mini bus, you can waive the excess or you can take out your own insurance policy for car hire excess from as little as £3 a day or £40 for a 12 month cover with companies like www.insurance4carhire.com - www.icarhireinsurance.com or www.theAA.com are just a few.  We are not associated or guarantee a particular company. It is the client’s responsibility to check their terms and conditions.

We cannot accept responsibility if your insurance providers will not pay out.  If taking out your own insurance to cover the excess be fully aware of what cover you are taking and if they have any items that the insurance does not cover eg. punctures, towing or even putting the wrong fuel in the vehicle.


Companies offering ZERO EXCESS often have a list of items that are not covered and charge an extra daily insurance to cover these items. If you do not take out their extra insurance you are obliged to leave a large deposit which they refund after you return home.


Are you really the best value?

Yes.  Be wary of companies that advertise low headline rates and then either pressurise you to take their own extra damage insurance, or make you pay a large (around 600 €) deposit from your credit card.  Trip Advisor has too many reports that people experience long delays for the return of deposits, or inflated post rental charges for suspect damage.


What is your fuel policy?

You only pay for the fuel you use.  We provide the vehicle with a 1/4 o 1/2 tank and ask that you make every effort to return it with the same fuel. We recognise that sometimes circumstances dictate that's not possible, therefore we do not charge excessive prices for fuel, just a flat fee of 20 € plus the cost of the fuel at pump prices.  We do not charge to check the car or fuel on your return.


Can I take the vehicle to Gibralta?

Vehicles can be driven only to Gibraltar at no additional charge.


Can I take the vehicle to Portugal?

Vehicles is not allowed to be drive out side Andalucia or to other foreign countries.