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No queuing or getting on a bus

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By Tina Cross, Jun 20 2017 11:24AM

On the 16/07/17 Los Boliches celibrate the festivities in honour of The Lady Virgen del Carmen who is the, patron of Los Boliches with very strong maritime tradition.

The Religious Virgins are very popular through out Andalucia.

Mainly handcrafted from porcelain and wood, they spend 99.9% of the year in alcoves in local churches behind a glass cover, dusted down and placed on deck thrones covered in flower around Easter time where they are poraded throught the towns streets.

Virgen del Carmen on the other hand has her own special day on the evening of 16th July in fishing villages along the coasts her statue is parraded through the streets and then taken in to the sea on a flower-adorned boat, she is joined by "Jabegas" (small fishing boats).

Fireworks and bras bands play into the evening.

By Tina Cross, Jun 20 2017 11:09AM

The Nerja Caves International Festival of Music and Dance is a very highly anticipated events during the summer on the Costa del Sol.

In 2017, the festival celebrate

Nerja Cave, Nerja

Dates : 10/06/17-01/07/17

By Tina Cross, Jun 10 2017 01:18PM

Fun in the trees

Welcome to the largest network of Adventure Parks in Spain.

The park is an authentic theme parks of Adventure in the Trees, where you are the protagonist of your own adventure.

It is a parks for every no matter what age, you do not need to have a certain age, physical condition or a special skill to participate.

Aventura Amazonia - Marbella Málaga

C/ Valeriano Rodríguez, 2

29604 Marbella (Málaga)

Monday to Friday telephone 0034952 835 505

Week ends and festiv days telephone 0034625 089 320

By Tina Cross, Jun 10 2017 01:11PM

Many visitors come to Spain during the summer and are not aware of the importance of drinking plenty of liquite and by liquite I do not mean alcohol and fizzy drinks.

Make sure you drink plenty of water with out gas (Aqua sin Gas).

The temperatures get very high in the summer months and if you do not drink around 2Liters or more of water per day your body can become dehydrated.

Sunbathing between the 11.00 and 15.00 is not recommended and always use a high protection factor sunscreen and wear a hat when possible and again keeping yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

By Tina Cross, May 4 2017 12:52PM

Starts 06/10 until 12/10

Fair and Festivals of the Rosary in which the protagonists are the cante, the Andalusian dance and the equestrian activities.

It is one of the most important celebrations of Andalusia and they show of an exceptional quality, with equestrian activities recognized internationally. The festivities begin with the proclamation in the Palace of Peace, followed by the opening of the lighting of the Exhibition Center, and at night there is a fireworks display.

During these days of Festas Mayores you can enjoy exhibitions of horse hitching, Andalusian singing and dancing and the stamping of numerous beautiful horses and magnificent carriages that run through the streets of the city.

Young people have their own space in the Youth Municipal caseta with the current music. The Third Age caseta is the place where there is no shortage of musical performances and humor.

There is also Children's Party with shows, fun animations and games, like a fun fair.

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