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By Dragon Cars, Jul 29 2018 10:26AM

PACO CANDELA – 11 de agosto 2018

If there is someone who knows how to win over his audience, it is Paco Candela. An artist from Sevilla who will be preforming at Castillo Sohail on 11th of August.

He only sings sevillanas, rumbas, tangos, flamenco ballads and fandangos.

He will be presenting his third work, "El poder de la música" which translates to "The power of music", with which he has managed to become one of the best sellers in Spain.

For more information and tickets please visit http://marenostrumcastlepark.com/en/2018-2/

By Dragon Cars, Jul 29 2017 10:11AM

Jairo Perera Viedma is a Spanish artist born in Santa Coloma de Gramanet (Barcelona), also known as Muchachito.

His career started as a street musician, in many different places such as Lloret de Mar, Barcelona and Paris.

Later he formed the group "Trimelón de Naranjus", with several friends, and recorded two albums in the years 1997 and 2000.

His success and recognition came to the head of the group Muchachito Bombo Infierno with which, since 2005, has released four albums and traveled many kilometers over the stages.

By Dragon Cars, Jul 29 2017 10:05AM

Michael Laurence Nyman, who is born in Stratford (London), March 23 in 1944 is a pianist, musicologist, British composer and music critic he also belonging to the minimalist genre.

Michael Nyman has achieved his popularity because of his works with the British filmmaker Peter Greenaway along with his multi-platinum album "The Piano", BSO of the film of the same name produced by Jane Campion in 1993. Among the operas he has composed include "The man "" Noise, "" Sounds & Sweet Airs, "" Facing Goya, Man and Boy: Dada. "

His piano playing will make vibrate between the walls of Sohail Castle and make it a magical night.

By Dragon Cars, Jun 20 2017 11:24AM

On the 16/07/17 Los Boliches celibrate the festivities in honour of The Lady Virgen del Carmen who is the, patron of Los Boliches with very strong maritime tradition.

The Religious Virgins are very popular through out Andalucia.

Mainly handcrafted from porcelain and wood, they spend 99.9% of the year in alcoves in local churches behind a glass cover, dusted down and placed on deck thrones covered in flower around Easter time where they are poraded throught the towns streets.

Virgen del Carmen on the other hand has her own special day on the evening of 16th July in fishing villages along the coasts her statue is parraded through the streets and then taken in to the sea on a flower-adorned boat, she is joined by "Jabegas" (small fishing boats).

Fireworks and bras bands play into the evening.

By Dragon Cars, Jun 20 2017 11:09AM

The Nerja Caves International Festival of Music and Dance is a very highly anticipated events during the summer on the Costa del Sol.

In 2017, the festival celebrate

Nerja Cave, Nerja

Dates : 10/06/17-01/07/17

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