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By Dragon Cars, Jul 27 2019 10:33AM

Malaga are hosting the biggest Lego exhibition from 16/06/2019-22/09/2019

Morning til 15.00

6.50 euros per person

Evening from15.00

9.50 euros per person

2+2 from 15.00

7.50 euros per person (min. 4 people max 2 adults)

Telephone: 00 34 689 462 284

Email: reservas@expopiezaslego.es

Zone 1


Among many models you can see:


Built at 1:25 scale with half a million Lego pieces, the model is 11 meters long and almost 3 meters high. The model of the Titanic was built with the smallest details, and visitors, in addition to admiring the shape of the ship, will also have the opportunity to look inwards.


A model made of Lego pieces presents a replica of a galleon built for the "Pirates" movie by Roman Polanski. The model is 170 cm long, 130 cm high and 50 cm wide.


One of the main locations of action of the Hobbit, the former headquarters of the dwarves, the main purpose of the journey of the heroes of the book of the Lord of the Rings. Both the front of the building and the interior have been built. The facade of the building has been reproduced as faithfully as possible. The building is 205 cm high and has absorbed more than 120,000 Lego pieces and one year of work from the builder.

Zone 2


1: 1 scale sports stars, made of LEGO pieces in total:

Robert Lewandowski

One of the most popular footballers in the world. His great career, talent and personality is a model for all generations: old and young, who begin their adventure with football.

Marcin Gortat

214 cm of talent and a big heart dedicated to supporting young athletes, the only Polish in the history of the NBA, which advanced to its end. 120,013 Lego pieces were used to build an unusual figure, as a symbol of support for the MG13 Foundation of Marcin Gortat. The basketball player has a ball in his hands, also made of Lego pieces.

Martina Navrátilova

The incredible Czech who occupies the second place in the ranking of the tennis players of all time, has been built with all the details with 50,000 LEGO pieces. The figure is 173 cm tall and shows the heroine in her typical costume and with the golden glasses very characteristic for her.

Zone 3


The models of the LEGO pieces facilitate and entertain learning. You can see the basic organs, such as the brain and the heart, as well as the respiratory system, the digestive system and the human skeleton. The fascinating models that show the construction of the systems and internal organs of the human being, allow the little ones to learn about the function of the organism and the adults to review the knowledge of the anatomy and physiology topic.

Zone 4


The figures of Nicolas Copernicus and Frédéric Chopin built on a 1: 1 scale.

Robert Wadlow - the world's tallest man figure built on a 1: 1 scale with LEGO pieces

The demolition of the Berlin Wall - the scene depicting the destruction of the famous wall built during the Cold War between West Berlin and East Berlin. The demolition of the wall began on November 9, 1989 and became one of the most important symbols of the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Steel Curtain.

The first step of the man on the Moon - a model that shows the scene of the end of the Apollo 11 mission "a small step for a man, but a great leap for humanity." One memorable day, on July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first to leave the vehicle. During their stay on the moon, together with Edwin Aldrin, they collected samples and nailed an American flag to the surface of the moon.

Zone 5


The train models also offer an unforgettable experience with electric trains built with LEGO parts. Here we will see both the modern European high-speed trains: Pendolino, ICE, TGV that travel between the central stations of Warsaw, Berlin and Paris, as well as the industrial railway.

Zone 6



HUMAN BODY - a different biology lesson

AN UNFORGETTABLE LESSON OF HISTORY - the famous people of the world of culture, art and science

-Famous creators and explorers - an unforgettable history class

-Historical scenes

-The constructions represent the historical and modern architecture

-Musical instruments made with LEGO pieces

-An interactive map of Europe

Interactive objects, robots, movie scenes and fairy tales ... and much more

Zone 7


The buildings that represent historical and modern architecture:

-TheTaj Mahal

-Sydney Opera House

-The tower of London

-The Roman forum

-Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

-Camp Nou Stadium

-Bullfighter - The figure of the Bullfighter is made on a 1: 1 scale with 70,000 pieces.

Zone 8


In Spain, the organizers prepared the special Star Wars zone. Fans of Star Wars have more than 100 models related to the most famous saga in the world. Star Wars District is a rich collection of figures that show the ships, scenes, characters, weapons, bases and the best-known battles of this cult series.

More works have been added to the rich collection of the special Star Wars area. Among others, battles over Coruscant, Trench Run, Venators and the reconstruction of a subway high from TIE Hunting.

Zone 9


Not only children expect an incredible story area, full of color and cheerful. We see, among others:

-The Smurfs Village - a fairytale land of small blue creatures attacked by the evil enemy of the Smurfs: Gargamel.

-Princesses - Fantastic and impressive castles and In them 20 Disney cartoon princesses

-The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings - A fantastic world of hobbits and the mythical land of the Lord of the Rings.

-Old West

-Castle & Kings

-Harry Potter

-The Simpson

-Jurassic Park

Zone 10


A series of figures that move through the use of a suitable program.

Zone 11


Superhero figures made at 1: 1 scale. A photo with a reconstruction of the Super Heroes: Thor, Captain America will be an unforgettable memory of the Exhibition.

Zone 12


Gallery of paintings made of LEGO pieces


The exhibition of the LEGO part constructions offers the possibility of great entertainment for children and adults. In the special surface area of Fun Park, the DUPLO area is located with tables to play with LEGO pieces, the space to build huge pieces and many more attractions.

In Spain you can "draw" and "write" with the Lego pieces and cars built by children, you can lower the ramps or jump off the trampolines.

By Dragon Cars, Jul 3 2019 12:19PM

Car hire in Malaga now has quite a bad reputation one just needs to read on the Tripadvisor forums


All in all many companies give the most attractive prices when you ask for a quote and they are very good in hidding the extras which occure only on the day you arrive and get to the car hire desk. Even with your own online car hire insurance do they try to rip you of with extra driver, extra insurance, super insurance super duper insurance you name it the price quoted is not the price you will pay on arrival.

At Dragoncars we quote you one price and no we are not the cheapest on first glance nor do we say we are but when you add all the extras that will occure with any other car hire company on arrival Dragoncars prices are quite resonable.

By Dragon Cars, Jun 28 2019 09:25AM

When driving in Spain, it is best to familiarise yourself with the Spanish highway code.

This is only meant to serve as a guide.

Right of way - Priority

The person on the right ALWAYS has priority.

This is important at junctions and roundabouts, unless otherwise indicated.


Most drivers seem unaware of the rules regarding roundabouts there are so many people who think that it is OK to exit the roundabout from the inside lane, it is not. Learner drivers are taught to go round the entire roundabout on the outside lane, as long as they signal to indicate that they are not intending to leave the roundabout and this is permitted. You should choose which lane to use according to the exit you are going to take, but remember you must drive anti-clockwise around a roundabout.

Traffic already on the roundabout has priority, you must only leave the roundabout from the outside lane

The last point is very important and the DGT website (Department of Traffic) recommends that if you are not able to get into the outside lane, then you should go round the roundabout again.


You must use your dipped headlights at all times when going through a tunnel. Incase of an accident or if you break down inside the tunnel, you must turn off your engine, put on your hazzard warning lights and your side lights.

Parking / Waiting

In Spain it is forbidden towing another vehicle. With a Spanish insurance, breakdown cover is included and they will tow your car to the garage of your choice and take you by taxi to your specified destination. If you have foreign insurance you must make sure that you are covered for breakdown cover.


Speed restrictions are being strictly enforced, both with undercover cars and helicopters patrolling the roads. It is a good idea, therefore, to follow speed limits exactly.


You must use your dipped healights between sunset and sunrise. You must also use your headlights in a contraflow system.


It is forbidden to tow another vehicle. If you have Spanish insurance, breakdown cover is included and they will tow your car to the garage of your choice and take you by taxi to your specified destination. If you have foreign insurance you must make sure that you are covered.


If you have a minor accident with another car, you should complete the accident claim form. No one should admit responsiblity: that will be decided at a later stage by the insurance companies but you should include a diagram of the position of the cars on the road, damage, etc.

Minimum speeds

On each type of road there is a minimum speed. If you are unable to drive at that speed, you should use the outside lane and put on your your hazzard warning lights.


The minimum distance for overtaking is 1.5 metres. This applies regardless of whether you are overtaking a car or bicycle or passing pedstrians. Similarly, you must not overtake if there are cyclists coming towards you on the other side, even if they are on the hard shoulder.

Fog lights

You should use your fog lights if you are driving through fog but you MUST NOT use your back fog light except in the case of very heavy fog.

Seat belts

You must wear seatbelts in the front and back.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones must not be used while driving. You can use hands-free kits but not earpieces or headphones.

Some of the more unknown fines

Putting on make-up, eating or setting a GPS while driving: 100 euro fine

Using a mobile phone: 200 euro fine and 3 points off your licence

Driving with your elbow out of the window: 100 euro fine

Driving barechested or barefoot: 200 euro fine

Driving on the inside or middle lane of a motorway when the outside lane is free: 200 euro fine

Needlessly sounding your horn: 80 euro fine (the horn should only be used to avoid an accident)

Driving barechested or barefoot: 200 euro fine

Going through an amber traffic light: 80 euro fine (this is only permitted when it is impossible to brake)

Not having a spare of glasses if you need glasses for driving: 90 euro fine

By Dragon Cars, Jun 26 2019 10:13AM

Every year Mijas Pueblo celebrates its yearly Fair in honor of its patron La Virgen de la Peña.

The Mijas Fair is characterized by a very unique and busy "Day Fair" and a "Night Fair" with attractions for the whole family. There are activities the children's party, contests, the bike ride through the town or the traditional Paella Gigante (giant Paella).

On the 8th June is the big day with the feast of the Virgen de la Peña. This day the image of the patron is procession through the streets of the town.

Mijas has many bars and resturantes all kept very Spanish some are hidden in all the little streets all in and around Mijas.

By Dragon Cars, Jun 26 2019 10:06AM

This year Malaga hostes its 40th edition of the Malaga Flamenco Festival which brings some of the best preformers to the city. You can expect to some of the biggest talents in music – singing, guitars and clapping along with Spains most talented dancers. The event takes place between 24 June 2019 and 7 July 2019 being part of the V International Flamenco Seminar.

Main Malaga Flamenco Festival and events

Filled with Flamenco concerts the city welcomes incredible flamenco talents a few of the concerts are free during Malaga Flamenco Festival. Spain’s best singers will perform with true maestros on guitar.

The free concerts take place on Calle Alcazabilla from 22.00 on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June.


• Rocío la Boterita singing with Rubén Lara on guitar.

• Alfredo Tejada with Chaparro de Málaga on guitar.

• La Lupi dance group.

• José Valencia signing accompanied by Paco Jarana on guitar.

There are 1,000 seats out for both concerts as well as standing room get there early in order to get a place to watche this amazing flamenco.


• Samuel Serrano accompanied by Paco León on guitar.

• Antonia Contreras

• Argentina with José Quevedo on guitar.

• Antonio El Pipa and his dance group.

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